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3Days Gorilla Safari - by road

Gorillas in Uganda also known as the endangered mountain gorillas, and this is mainly attributed to the fact that more than half of the surviving gorillas in the world can only be found in Bwindi forest national park.Read More

3Days Gorillas safari - by Flight

This trip start from Entebbe airport to Kihihi airstrip near Bwindi forest national park. (2hours flight). We can arrange Two-way domestic flight OR you can go by car and return by flight.Read More

3Days Visit Murchison Water Falls

Take pleasure in a morning game drive in Murchison falls national park, Look out for herds of elephants, giraffes, antelopes, buffaloes, waterbucks, lions, etc. A boat cruise to the bottom of falls and hike to top of fallsRead More

5Days Gorilla And Chimp Trekking

Observing the behaviors of these primate gorillas in the mist. During this 6 days uganda safari tour, Only non flash cameras are advised to avoid scaring the gorillas. Chimpanzee trekking is one of the best uganda experience. Read More

5Days Gorilla And Water Rafting

Gorillas and visit source of river Nile in Jinja. White water rafting tops the list of the most wanted tour activities in Uganda. River nile is the world's longest river with its source starting from lake victoria in Jinja-Uganda. Read More

5Days Gorilla And Wildlife safari

Group tours suitable for budget travelers and internship students to bwindi for gorilla trekking and lake mburo for wildlife game viewing or lake bunyonyi. Contact us for trip to bwindi group tours. Uganda wildlife safari . Read More

6Days Uganda Birding Safari

Birding in uganda during 6 days tour, Forest birds include: the crested barbet, Ross’s Turaco,  Savannah birds include: the little bee-eater, black-headed Gonolek, grey hornbill, Crested cranes and many others.Read More

6Days Uganda Gorilla Safari Tour

Uganda proudly possesses more than half of the world’s surviving mountain gorillas population. The drive from Kampala to Bwindi at a safe speed can last up to 9-10 hours. Read More

6Days Uganda Primate Safari

This is a comprehensive gorilla trekking, wildlife safari and chimpanzee trekking tour. Visit bwindi for gorillas, and chimpanzee treking in Kyambura gorge. All primate trekking permits inclusive.. Read More

7Days Uganda Gorilla Safari

Book 7 days gorilla safari adventure and we take you see these gentle gorillas in Bwindi. Uganda hosts over half of remaining gorillas in the whole word. start from Kampala going on to kibale, queen Elizabeth, bwindi, back to Kampala. Read More

8Days Uganda Gorilla safari

Book 8 days gorilla safari trip, this is one of the top leading uganda gorilla safaris. The trip starts from entebbe airport, drive to murchison falls, going on to kibale for chimps, queen elizabeth, and bwindi for gorilla trekking. Read More

10Days Uganda Safari Tour

Book 10 days gorilla safari holiday. Are you interested in a private holiday in Uganda? We organise tailor made and customized holiday tour, to meet your expectations. This holiday package will not leave you the same. Read More

12Days Uganda Safari Tour

You can combine a visit to murchison falls, kibale, queen and bwindi parks. On this 12 days uganda safari, enjoy perfect game viewing in murchison falls national park. Best of Uganda Gorilla Safari Tour and Wildlife game viewing & Chimp trek.Read More

15Days Gorilla Uganda Safari Tour

We organize Uganda safaris visiting most attractive palce in Uganda including Murchison falls, kibale for chimps, going on to queen elizabeth, bwindi for gorillas, tour starts any date. Best of Uganda Safari Best for Family Holidays.Read More

20Days Grand Uganda Safari

Plan your trip to Africa covering Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and Tanzania. We help you organize the best itinerary based on your available number of days. The trip can start any date based on availability. Grand Uganda Safari Tour.

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